Detournement of photograph by Camilla Beresford by Paul Conneally art situationist print


Paul Conneally & Camilla Beresford 2017

‘The images detached from every aspect of life merge into a common stream in which the unity of that life can no longer be recovered. Fragmented views of reality regroup themselves into a new unity as a separate pseudo-world that can only be looked at. The specialization of images of the world has culminated in a world of autonomized images where even the deceivers are deceived. The spectacle is a concrete inversion of life, an autonomous movement of the nonliving.’ – Guy Debord

The original photograph was taken by the landscape architect and historian Camilla Beresford at Stone Court’, Knole Park – the elk antlers are prehistoric and found in an Irish peat bog.

‘UNIFIED’ flushed across my inward eye as soon as I saw the original.

Paul Conneally
March 19 2017

3 thoughts on “‘Unified’

  1. Yes, the spectacle looking back at us . . . to paraphrase Roland Barthes. And, the sweep of western art and philosophy inherent to my mind in the plaque of antlers, pedestaled busts, hung friezes recalling Josef Beuys and his shamanism, Duchamp’s Mutt as well as the continuous processes of consumption and elimination. Loved this, Paul, obviously, So rich, in terms of depth.

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