The Fruit Routes Apple Olympics Balancing An Apple On Your Head Race 2016

Competitors in the artist led Fruit Routes Apple Olympics balancing an apple on your head race. Each competitor wears not a number but the name of a fruit tree species planted during the Fruit Routes work on Loughbohemia (some call it Loughborough) University Campus.


Other events were the ‘1km Or So Fruit Routes Run’ where the aim was for all competitors to cross the finishing line together and not shot but ‘apple putting’ not forgetting of course the children’s ‘Apple And Spoon Race’.


Fruit Routes is conceived and planned by my long time collaborator artist activist Anne-Marie Culhane with and for the wonderful Loughborough University Sustainability Team and it’s a pleasure to work on and have be associated with it as artist and poet year on year since its start.


Paul Conneally
October 2016

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