The Child Sculpture – Loughborough

The Child Sculpture by Priley Riley

The Child Sculpture currently sits inside the small Carillon Court shopping mall in Loughborough town centre. It was made in 2015 by then Loughborough University fine art student, Paula Riley, in celebration of 100 Years of Ladybird Books which was based in Loughborough.

Paula goes by her artist name Priley Riley which is also emblazoned across the book that The Child Sculpture is reading.

Priley told the Loughborough Echo in 2015 “To make the sculpture, I first constructed an armature which I modelled the original clay child over. I then cast this clay child in plaster and used the plaster moulds to cast resin into. The final sculpture, therefore, is a glass fibre resin cast.”

The Child Sculpture has become a favourite with children and adults alike as they do their shopping in Carillon Court and is sure to feature year on year in Loughborough’s now annual festival of children’s book illustration Loogabarooga that takes place each October across the town.

Paul Conneally
September 2016



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