Fresh Outta Brum: TAYLA – CALL ME DANGER – UK’s New R&B Princess Drops Debut Single and Video

Fresh Outta Brum, Birmingham’s TAYLA punches through the current raft of female soundalike songstress’s with her debut solo track Call Me Danger. It’s a 90’s style electronic funk burner with a killer chorus. 

Call Me Danger is co-written and produced by London based producer and songwriter Mr. Watt and if doesn’t get your body moving then it’s probably time to see the doctor. Think Nu Shooz with a modern urban twist and you’re somewhere near the territory that Call Me Danger occupies.

Call Me Danger comes with a cool video that compliments the confidence of the track.

Tayla is a fine example of the growing breadth and talent emerging across the arts from Brum, the heart of England.

a butterfly beats
in time with the city
tall buildings and food

Little Onion
September 2016

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