Statue of Commandant Lamy, Mougins, France

The name Commandant Lamy appears on roads, squares, buildings and the like all around the area of Cannes and particularly in Mougins where he was born. This statue is right at the entrance to the old village of Mougins and just one look tells us that this man was clearly a man of war. All around the world stand such statues celebrating such men and I’m not quite sure what that tells us about ourselves. Here’s some of what Wikipedia says about this fellow:

“Amédée-François Lamy was a French military officer. He was born at Mougins, in the French département of Alpes-Maritimes on 7 February 1858 and died in the battle of Kousséri on 22 April 1900”

It’s an impressive statue.

Paul Conneally
August 2016

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