Big Candy Sculpture No. 2980 – Laurence Jenkell 2015 Cannes

Art Sculpture La Croisette The Grand Hotel Cannes

Laurence Jenkell’s large candy sculptures have been a feature around Cannes, especially along La Croisette, for a few years now. The artist has had an obsession with the ‘candy’ form making many many variations on the same shape. She works from a studio in Vallouris, which is just outside Cannes and which plays host to many other artists too.

I like Jenkell’s candy sculptures and don’t tire of them but this presentation in the gardens of the Grand Hotel in Cannes is for me blighted by the over large text plaque featuring the artist’s name and the contact for her gallery / agent. But then again this is Cannes.

Paul Conneally
July 2016

2 thoughts on “Big Candy Sculpture No. 2980 – Laurence Jenkell 2015 Cannes

  1. You know, I’ve been spotting her candy sculptures for years in Cannes and, like you, I never tire of them. But I swear I’ve never even noticed any text on the plaques. Is this a new thing?

    • I think it probably is.. it’s a good marketing ploy but for me detracts from the piece … she’s now into a series of models based on DNA I think though I haven’t seen any around Cannes..

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