Around The Rhubarb

I miss them the rag-and-bone men of my childhood. Taking things out to them to be rewarded not with money but perhaps a balloon. In my head a green balloon although I know it wasn’t always so. The smell of the horse and the wonderment when it chose to peacefully urinate outside the house. My grandmother’s house. The steam.

I dig in some fresh manure
around the rhubarb

Little Onion

from the haibun archives of Little Onion (Paul Conneally) – you can read a little about how writer Ray Rasmussen used this haibun as a model and how modelling from other works can help in the writing of new works here : HAIBUN TODAY

Paul Conneally (Little Onion) writer and artist eating Rhubarb
Little Onion seen eating rhubarb at Loughborough University. You can watch and hear him talking about rhubarb and politics here: DON’T VOTE TORY EAT RHUBARB 

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