‘On the Allotment’ – Wordsearch Portraits

‘On the Allotment’
One Off Ceramic Tile Series
Paul Conneally
Mile End Arts Pavilion, London, 2006

“Allotment holders on the Windmill Allotments in Nottingham talked with me about their time ‘on the allotment’ and shared with me ten words or short phrases that came to mind on that day, at that time, on the allotment. I then used these to create ‘wordsearch portraits’ of them. Their words were coloured using a strict system approach with each wordsearch being both a portrait and a poem of that person on their allotment at that time. The portraits were initially laid down on concrete paving stones within Windmill Community Gardens and then made into one off ceramic tiles which formed part of The Renewability exhibition at Mile End Arts Pavilion in London. After the show the tiles were returned to Windmill Community Gardens and installed on an open shed structure to become ‘The Portrait Shed’ where they slowly changed with the weather and the seasons eventually cracking, breaking, becoming crocks for plant pots.”

Paul Conneally

The Portrait Shed – Paul Conneally 2007

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