One Upright Arm

We move together along the disused railway track towards the top of the Swannington Incline.

“Don’t look the dog in the eyes. He don’t like it”

one upright arm
sustains the cheek
come walk with me
when things go wrong
there’s always the hedgerow

Paul Conneally 2011

From ‘Health Walk’ Paul Conneally with Nita Pearson ‘Whitwick to Swannington and Back’ May 2011

Notes The line: ‘one upright arm sustains the cheek’ is a fragment from “HOW RICH THAT FOREHEAD’S CALM EXPANSE” by William Wordsworth. Wordsworth tells us that the poem HOW RICH THAT FOREHEAD’S CALM EXPANSE was inspired by a print at Coleorton Hall, North West Leicestershire. Mrs Wordsworth’s impression was that HOW RICH THAT FOREHEAD’S CALM EXPANSE was also written at Coleorton Hall despite William’s note that it was written at Rydal Mount in the Lake District.

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