Tiled Panel – Involuntary Painting 1 New Parks : New York

Sally Norman of Soft Touch Arts with the tiled panel made by members of the Involuntary Painting 1 New Parks : New York group out of a visit to the local church, St. Aidan’s, to see the 1958 tiled mural on its outside wall, mediated by an Involuntary Painting photographed by New York based photographer Lucien Samaha.

The tiled panel will be installed in New Parks Library along with other works out of the project in early February.

Involuntary Painting 1 New Parks : New York was conceived by artists Paul Conneally Loughborough, UK) and Millree Hughes (New York, USA) with Soft Touch Arts and New Parks Library with support from Arts Council England and Leicester City Council.

NB The term Involuntary Painting was invented in this context by Millree Hughes and further developed by Hughes with Conneally: If an alien landed on Earth with all the knowledge of paintings but never having seen one what might it mistake for a painting as it moved about the streets, the world?

21st January 2016
Soft Touch Arts

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