’14 Nights in Carnac’ Paul Conneally 2006

14 Nights in Carnac
mixed media – book and oak leaves
Paul Conneally 2006

14 Nights in Carnac – a piece performed and made in July 2006. The artist spends 14 nights in Carnac famous for its megaliths its standing stones. He lives and sleeps below two oak trees. Each night reading sections of Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-up Bird Chronicle plucking an oak leaf from the trees and placing it inside the book as a bookmark.

The experience exists as the book with the 14 leaves pressed inside it.

In 2007 images of the pressed leaves inside the book are transferred on to white ceramic bathroom tiles and form part of Conneally’s exhibition in Mile End Arts Pavilion ‘The Renewability’ curated by Tomomi Iguchi.

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