Surveillance – Paul Conneally 2008

still from ‘Surveillance‘ Paul Conneally 2008

Surveillance comes out of INVIGILATOR : DIGBETH the 5th in the INVIGILATOR series conceived by artists Paul Conneally, Nikki Pugh and Kev Ryan.

The piece features the text of a poem which is a direct transcript taken by Paul Conneally as he heard it of INVIGILATOR : DIGBETH participant artist Harry Palmer in the discussion workshop which formed part of INVIGILATOR : DIGBETH and took place after the Invigilators had returned to VIVID art gallery in the heart of Birmingham’s Digbeth area. The sound track is made from a snippet of Harry saying the word ‘ surveillance ‘ combined with the ambient sounds of the VIVID space that the artist led discussion was taking place in.

The soundtrack contains backmasked material that may reveal hidden messages to some listeners.

Producer Paul Conneally
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Camera: Paul Conneally
Sound: Paul Conneally
Starring: Harry Palmer

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