Eddie Izzard And Matthew O’Callaghan Hit The Election Trail In Loughborough

Matthew O’Callaghan and Eddie Izzard in Loughborough Market Place UK

Comedian Eddie Izzard hit the streets of Loughborough in the heart of England to show his support for local Labour Party candidate Matthew O’Callaghan in the UK’s 2015 general election.

O’Callaghan could oust sitting Tory MP, Nicky Morgan, from the Loughborough seat which she holds with just a 3,700 majority at the moment. Izzard urged everyone in Loughborough to get out and vote and when they do to vote Labour, vote O’Callaghan.

Izzard is touring the whole of the UK supporting the Labour Party. He volunteered to do the tour to show his personal support for Labour.

Loughborough was bathed in sunshine for Matthew and Eddie’s town centre walkabout and they both stopped to have selfies taken with locals out shopping and workers from local shops and businesses.

Paul Conneally

April 22 2015

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