All Hail New Parks!

You know this mural, our New Parks mural at Saint Aidan’s Church, it truly is a hidden treasure. There are many many thousands (millions) of pounds being laid out promoting and venerating King Richard III soon to be reinterred in Leicester Cathedral …. and all the time we have this King, King Oswald, and a Saint, Saint Aidan, still weaving their magic through the great ceramic tile maker and muralist William Gordon… when great culture is part of over looked or looked down on, working class communities and housing estates it becomes sometimes invisible, it’s worth negated … I say…

All hail this mural!
All hail New Parks!
All hail its people!

Paul Conneally March 2014

Below is a link to C20 Society where they too recognise our New Parks’ mural as culturally important…

Paul Conneally

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