Colin’s Involuntary Painting – St Oswald’s Road, New Parks, Leicester


During the second session of Involuntary Painting 1 New Parks : New York I go outside with Colin and work with him to capture a number of involuntary paintings that he finds.

Colin sees a whole length of curbing slabs along St Oswald’s Road, straight opposite the New Parks Library where the group meets. 

There is a tyre mark in the mud where the slabs meet the grass verge along with various other marks including footprints. 

 Together we take a series of photographs, hoping at a later date to stitch them together.

When uploaded to Google + the app creates as if by magic a moving gif shot of several of the photographs of the involuntary painting curb strip.

We will post the whole series at a later date. 

 Paul Conneally 

9th March 2015

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