Mother Orchard – Wordsearch Landscape

In addition to wordsearch portraits of people in particular spaces, places and time my splacist practice also includes a number of wordsearch landscapes.

These started off as colour coded works similar to the wordsearch portraits but soon came to include works such as the wordsearch landscape of the Mother Orchard, at Cothele House in Cornwall. Essentially a standard wordsearch, here made up of the names of all the different apple tree varieties in the Mother Orchard. The work is then printed up in large format, A0 or A1, and placed in a public area, near or in the space itself, with coloured pens hanging around it for visitors to use and circle words they find, so completing the landscape. SomeĀ people choose to add their own texts or doodles too. These are all welcome. The wordsearch landscape can be taken down and replaced as they get ‘finished’. For instance we might choose to replace it every day (complete or not) or some other time unit might be used, each day the same printed wordsearch landscape but completed in different colours, by different people, each one now a finished interacted wordsearch landscape.

Smaller versions can be provided for people to take home and complete by visitors.

Mother Orchard was part of the work I did as part of the Full Bloom Renga for the National Trust with artists Anne-Marie Culhane, Jo Salter and Alec Finlay.

Here’s ‘OLYMPIC’ which is a wordsearch landscape of the London Olympic Development Site made up of words written by participants in the Renewability Haiku Hike that I led through and across the Olympic Development Site as the first digging started. It was installed on the floor of the Mile End Arts Pavillion.


Paul Conneally

August 2014

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