The Casino, Sainte Maxime, France 2014

I’ve only been in one casino, well only one where gambling takes place. I’ve been in hundreds of the little Casino supermarkets scattered across France. The casino I’ve been in where the roulette wheels spin is the one in Monte Carlo. It was thirty years ago. I left my jacket, my money in its pockets, in the cloakroom and strolled around taking in the atmosphere. It’s a great building but really nothing more than a glorified betting shop for the rich to visibly pour their money away in.

And here on the front at Sainte Maxime is the dilapidated but still in its own way impressive Casino building, that for all the world could, inside, be full of vegetables, tobacco and frozen fish. I don’t go in but wander on, sit on the promenade wall and watch people for a while.

a child trying to bury
a beach ball

Paul Connealy
Sainte Maxime
July 2014

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