Dud Up Your Dash

England’s army of princes
I’m feeling champion stick it
Dud up your dash
You life cover winger
Free broadband locked in cashpoint
It’s still over 50s Britons

‘Dud Up Your Dash’ is a Shreadlines piece created out of cut up SUN headlines by the New Parks Poetry Machine Crew with artist poet Paul Conneally for and with Soft Touch Arts and Leicester City Libraries.

Shreadlines are created by cutting up headlines from a particular publication and putting them into a bag.

Each line of a shreadline piece is written by randomly picking five pieces of cut up headlines from the bag then using three or more of them to construct a new line. Any not used are put back in the bag.

The shreadline process was devised by Paul Conneally in 2000 where he worked with members of the public walking through Loughborough Market to make Easy Mother Expletives.

Shreadlines is a chance versus causality DADA type process that Conneally encourages all to experiment with as we approach 100 Years of DADA explorations (2016)

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