Mark Goodwin – Poet

‘Mark Goodwin’ – Paul Conneally 2014

Poet Mark Goodwin, photographed just before he leads, with Brian Lewis of Longbarrow Press, a talk and discussion around their co-curated exhibition ‘Poems, Places and Soundscapes’.

‘Poems, Places and Soundscapes’ is an international exhibition of digitally produced sound-&-poetry focusing on place, and soundscape. Poet Mark Goodwin and Brian Lewis (of Longbarrow Press) bring together and present a range of vivid, immersive sound-enhanced poetry made through various poet, musician and sound-designer collaborations, as well as by individual poet-sound-artists. The exhibition also includes a selection of ‘place-entranced’ film-poems.

This exhibition is part of Mark Goodwin’s Sound-Enhanced Poetry project, which was awarded an Arts Council England Grants for the arts in 2013.

Mark’s Soundcloud

Longbarrow Press

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