Sarah Hutchinson’s Breast


Queen’s Head Pub Thringstone

Transform Snibston William Wordsworth Trail – Paul Conneally 2011

On Saturday 27 December 1806 the great poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge writes in his notebook that he went from Coleorton, where he was staying with Wordsworth and his family, to the Queen’s Head at ‘Stringston’. Here, he believed, probably due to opium and brandy, that Wordsworth was in bed with his sister-in -law Sarah Hutchinson, who Coleridge had fallen in love with. Coleridge says that it was here that he had a vision of Sarah’s naked breast, a vision that he carried with him for many years, writing about it several times.

The pub was closed in 2008 and is now converted into residential housing. This picture shows it on the 27th April 2011 as conversion is taking place.

Conneally is now looking to get a blue plaque put on the wall saying:

“On this site 27th December 1806 the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge had a vision of Sarah Hutchinson’s breast”

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