Fruit Routes Launches! (Revisited)

Thinking back to working at the start of artist activist Anne-Marie Culhane’s Fruit Routes in 2011 with / at Loughborough University Sustainability Team – ‘EAT YOUR CAMPUS’ already featuring as a slogan and now the name of the wider project which has just won the Guardian Higher Education Sustainability Award makes me wonder why the Cultural Value report from ACE can’t find any evidence for cultural, here artistic, practice contributing to environmental sustainability value.

When cultural practice goes beyond thought to action things really start happening – go plant a tree!

Fruit Routes


This is what happened..


Harvest, Juice, Forage.

We spent our first days on site harvesting existing fruit trees and foraging across campus, breaking in the apple press, cleaning out the shed with the help of LOS and getting ready for Fruit Routes launch…


Bike, Play, Invite.

At Freshers Fair we set up a stall using the beautifully crafted Fruit Routes/Eat Your Campus bike trailer and the Jeux des Pommes. We were wonderful sandwiched between the boy scouts and the boy racers underneath two loaded apple trees!  Freshers were introduced to the project and took part in games and activities relating to …you guessed it..local fruit.


Share, Walk, Talk, Eat,  Take part, Cook, Celebrate!

An interactive installation was created in The Shed. The Shed was inhabited each day by Anne-Marie Culhane and project assistant Miriam Keye. People…

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