The Signaler – John Atkin – Loughborough

The Signaler is in the square of Loughborough’s The Rushes shopping centre. John Atkin tells us:

“The concept for The Signaler is based on my continuing interest in human anatomy, our industrial heritage and the history of the found object tradition in modern art.

The forms of this sculpture are developed from a series of garment templates, unique to the fashion & textiles industry. The computer graded numbers and letters, (laser cut into the surface of the metal), connect one part of a template to another, thus forming visual clues as to how the artwork goes together.

The overall form of the sculpture is of the figure and the materials used reflect the past industries of the region and the future.

The sculpture is made from a combination of cor ten steel and stainless steel. The base is made from concrete in addition to stainless steel details.

Cor ten steel has distinct weathering characteristics that allow the surface skin of the metal to weather to a particular colour. This colour adapts to the atmospheric conditions of the environment it is located in. In this way, The Signaler will eventually assume a colour unique to Loughborough.”

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