In Your Hands – Anne-Marie Culhane and Paul Conneally

Mika Obara taking part in the first iteration of In Your Hands which took place in the Fruit Routes community orchard at Loughborough University.

Anne-Marie and I are now ready to preform / conduct new iterations of our splacist performative installation/intervention In Your Hands adapted to specific places spaces and times, including gallery based wild tea drinking and tea leaf reading parties using locally foraged tea leaves.

Here’s what Anne-Marie says, in part, after the Fruit Routes iteration of In Your Hands:

“Everyone got involved in the tea reading rituals. Each person was invited to start off reading their own tea leaves and draw and interpret what they saw on special tasseography sheets which Paul Conneally and I had designed and written. Uncontainable curiosity then led people to help each other discuss stories, signs, symbols and shapes. Old Mother Riley appeared along with a bike ride to Africa, an Indian paisley and peace between Japan and China. A steady flow of tea drinking took place all afternoon as we sizzled.”

More from Anne-Marie here: In Your Hands

If you’d be interested in exploring how In Your Hands might be adapted and used to explore your space, neighbourhood, garden, gallery, yard, car park so would we!

Contact us!


Paul Conneally
February 2014


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