Knit One Purl One


I’m thinking that I should learn to knit. Not for the final product but for the process, especially when in the company of others.

Powerful healing knitting circles…

knit one purl one
our coffee break
with needle clicks
tea and banter

Paul Conneally

Photo: The hard at work fingers of Su Marshall and Lynda Callaghan – Paul Conneally

Su has some exciting ideas about how we can utilise the power of knitting in schools… watch this space!

2 thoughts on “Knit One Purl One

  1. Crochet, sewing, knitting… I’m rubbish at all of them at the moment … I didn’t even spell ‘purl’ correctly at first… now changed… but the pearls of wisdom that flow across and through the knitting circle… priceless!

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