Steps To Nowhere

Ruins of Coventry Cathedral – Paul Conneally 2013

peeking through
an open doorway
a stuffed camel

a mother draws
the cathedral tower

rest your clipboard
on the first bishop’s tomb

a charge to enter
the new cathedral
shall we pray?

soon the sun will rise
not in the east but the west
it’s in the paper

go on then
write it out neat

steps to nowhere
a bombed out cathedral

behind a mountain
Gog and Magog

one pound fifty
a hundred and eighty steps
the child’s price

this tall tower
is it falling forwards?
a mouthful of chocolate

it’s okay
I cant take the pushchair up

a nice postcard from before the bomb

this place makes me think
about when we fled from war
our Somalia

Paul Conneally
Coventry 2013

Steps To Nowhere – comes out of conversations and overheard snippets with and from parents and children from Bridge Junior School, Leicester on a family learning trip to Coventry Cathedral. An audio piece made with the group by me was also made and will be shared at a later date. Many thanks to Rachael Cox for organising and coordinating the day which also included a visit to Coventry Transport Museum – PC

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