Straight Bat and Cap


In 1950, The Cricketers’ Arms, a public house on Iffley Road, Oxford, applied for planning permission to fit a hanging metal sign on the outside pub wall. They were turned down.

The City of Oxford Council gave as reasons for not allowing the sign that such a sign would be “detrimental to the amenity of the locality” and that such a sign, when illuminated, would be “likely to lead to the confusion of the drivers of motor vehicles on the Iffley Road”

Here’s the actual letter declining the application:


So no traditional hanging pub sign for The Cricketers’ Arms, in fact no Cricketers’ Arms at all at the moment, the building not currently being in use as a pub. So no pub but yes a sign, a work of art really, not hanging but set into the wall itself.

straight bat and cap
the little boy defends
his chalk wicket

Paul Conneally


I’m pleased to report that The Cricketers’ Arms is now being operated as The Mad Hatter, an ‘eccentric’ cocktail, wine and European brew stroke tea emporium with a range of events and food too.

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