Up On Level Four

Level 4 John Lewis Car Park, Highcross, Leicester – Paul Conneally 2013

As Christmas shopping reaches towards its peak, I find my usual car park, Newarke Street, full. A line of cars around the block. Never one for a wait of any kind I manage to turn down a side road and make my way to the John Lewis car park. It’s easy to get parked here today, the price putting off many other drivers. I pull into a space on Level 4.

Walking towards the stairs an elderly woman stops me and asks which way she should go to get to Nottingham Royal Theatre. I explain to her gently that she’s not in Nottingham but Leicester. She seems embarrassed and asks if I’m quite sure this is indeed Leicester and not Nottingham. I assure her we are definitely in Leicester.

“If you’re quick” I say “and you leave the car park now, within half-an-hour of entering, you won’t get charged and you’ll be in Nottingham within forty minutes”

She smiles at me: “Never mind, I’m here now, I might as well go do some shopping in Leicester” and presses the button for the lift.

neither here nor there
Uncle Bob wonders out loud
breakfast or supper?

Paul Conneally
Loughborough 2013

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