Ay Up Mi Duck


Up on the roof of Newarke Street Car Park again I notice the amount of negative signage by the exit door.

It’s so uplifting on the roof but these signs are not helpful in maintaining the up mood that the car park roof with its panoramic views of Leicester generally evokes. I suggest that they are replaced with positive messages such as “Love Your Self Better” and yes the cliché, “Have a good day”. in fact, as it’s Leicester, better still “Ay Up Mi Duck”

Yes that’s it, signs next to exit doors in car parks and other public places in Leicester saying ‘AY UP MI DUCK!’

I’m on a rant now.

Signs have appeared on lamp posts around our estate in Loughborough saying “Leave it on show, expect it to go”. I disagree, I believe that most people are good. In fact I believe most people would return a lost object, a phone, a wallet or some such should they find it.

In fact the police have proved this with their own attempted sting operations around mobile phones. In some areas police deliberately left trackable smart phones on bars and tables in clubs and pubs hoping to catch phone thieves. Unfortunately for them in almost every case the phones were found by young clubbers and handed in to the bar staff or police.

The exercise was seen as a failure by the police authorities but I see it as a success confirming to me that young people, actually people in general, are for the most part overwhelmingly good.

This said, look after yourself and keep safe out there …. by being positive!

Paul Conneally
Loughborough 2013

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