The Sky Bus Home

Just for a change we go to the match on the bus. The Sky Bus from Loughborough to Leicester.

It’s called the Sky Bus because it travels at least once an hour every hour of the day and night between Leicester, East Midlands Airport, Derby and back again calling at Loughborough in both directions.

It’s £5.50 Loughborough to Leicester return.

The match was a disaster for us with Leicester losing to local rivals Nottingham Forest. The day though was good with pints after the match in The Swan and Rushes and The Globe. We even had a steak and tiger pie each in The Globe. Yes a lost match but a good father and son day out.

The Sky Bus is a single decker with wi-fi. It leaves from St Margaret’s bus station. It’s about ten to eight when we board the bus. We sit towards the back where the seats are raised a little higher than those at the front. The kind of seats that little boys and men gravitate towards. The further back the better on a single decker whereas on a double decker, for me at least, the front seats upstairs are the bee’s knees.

The bus fills up and just before we set off, as the bus driver turns her engine, a young woman, maybe 19 or 20 years old, gets up from her seat at the front and starts to walk down the aisle.

She has in her hand a brown paper bag which she proffers to each person she passes as she makes her way towards us and the back of the bus.

She’s asking people if they’d like a sweet. Almost everyone takes one, little jelly coke bottles.

There is a buzz on this bus. People are talking and the ride is a happy.

We get off by the Territorial Army centre on Leicester Road, Loughborough. I notice that the bag of sweets has been placed by the driver for anyone getting off or on to take one.

Yes, a lost football match but we all gained something on the Sky Bus home and it was more than a sweet.

between stops
red berries on a leafless
rowan tree

Paul Conneally
Leicester 2013t

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