Going Down

Going Down – Paul Conneally 2013

As the Christmas shopping season starts in ernest and Leicester’s Christmas lights start shining I decide to revisit my retail intervention of February 2012 ‘Going Up’ as ‘Going Down’

My sign is this time placed by the elevators and escalators in a Leicester depARTment store on the 3rd floor, informing customers that “these services are available on the First Floor”.

The sign is a version of a text list, ‘entries’ upcycled from Eastside Projects publication Eastside Projects Manual

I put the signs up at 10.30 and they were still up at 14.40 but had been removed by 15.15. They were up for around four and a half hours on a very busy Sunday shopping day which coincided with Leicester’s Christmas Lights ‘Switch On’.

I hope people found what they were looking for.

Paul Conneally
17th November 2013

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