Every Street

Every Street’ Paul Conneally 2013

There’s an Every Street in Ancoats in Manchester, and one in Bury too, but this Every Street is in Leicester.

How does a street get a name like Every Street? In Leicester, Every Street runs along one side of Town Hall Square, between Horsefair and Bishop Street. It was made in 1879 when the then town (it was given City status in 1919), full of civic pride, set out and built Town Hall Square with its fountain and gardens in front of the entrance to Leicester Town Hall.

The councillors of the time gave this little street an impressive name to reflect its position as part of the political front face of an economically growing textile, hosiery and shoe manufacturing community. It was called Municipal Square East.

The name was hardly ever used by Leicester’s residents. They all called it Every Street. Why? Well almost as soon as the square was completed a cab firm set up in Municipal Square East. The firm placed a large sign on the wall saying that anyone could get from this place in the centre of town to ‘EVERY STREET’ in Leicester by their cab service. Before long everyone referred to the street as Every Street.

Eventually the Town Hall politicians scrapped the Municipal Square East name and the street officially became and still is Every Street.

Paul Conneally
Leicester 2013

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