Leicester City Council’s New Walk Centre is to be demolished.

Walking through the still in use building, or more correctly buildings, Block A and Block B, one finds tape on the floor indicating sections not to be walked on or have any furniture placed within the taped out space.

The building is terminally fatigued.

There are many many suggestions for what should replace the buildings. Smart shops and cafés. Landmark towers, Leicester’s own Shard. A contemporary art gallery akin to that in Nottingham, perhaps something a place aspiring to be ‘City of Culture’ should have.

After working closely with artist activist, Anne-Marie Culhane, on her ongoing Fruit Routes work across Loughborough University campus, my thoughts on space and how it might be used creatively in a city centre have evolved.

I propose that the Leicester City Council New Walk Centre be demolished and replaced with a large community orchard. The roads and paths from the orchard into and out from the city centre, including the historic New Walk itself, will be planted with fruit trees too.

Just as Anne-Marie Culhane proposes that Loughborough University becomes the world’s first edible campus, I propose that Leicester should become the world’s first edible city and that Anne-Marie be invited to work with myself and the City to help make this happen.


Paul Conneally
November 2013


  1. Great idea, although probably not a goer given the financial straits the council is in at the moment. I’d love to see more fruit trees across the city, there are already several apples and a pear on Aylstone road and plenty of hawthorns (and one apple tree) on Nelson Mandela Park. Maybe a map of what’s already available would be a good start? I’d be up for helping with that.

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