Almost Diwali

Leicester Town Hall from 10 Bishop Street – Paul Conneally

I’m waiting outside the Christian Book Shop on Bishop Street for Tony Nelson. Tony’s the chair of Leicester’s Holocaust Memorial Day committee and I’m meeting him for the first time before he takes me to the committee meeting itself.

Even with the building work going on in Town Hall Square the Town Hall still exudes a faded civic pride. A flag flying from its highest point.

An African woman stops, looks from a piece of paper to me, to the paper and back again.

“Are you for the nature group? I’m looking for the nature group”

“No” I tell her “I’m waiting for the holocaust committee” and help her look for a white door, she doesn’t have a number.

almost Diwali
somewhere in the scaffolding
a builder’s whistle

Paul Conneally
October 31 2013

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