Corn Dollies – Anne-Marie Culhane

‘Corn Dolly’ Anne-Marie Culhane Photo: Jo Salter

The above ‘corn dolly’ headdress, made and worn here by artist Anne-Marie Culhane was exhibited as part of ‘Spaceship Unbound‘ at the Castlefield Gallery 2013 along with the video installation of her work ‘Corn Dollies’

Corn Dollies was a public performance at the House of Commons, London to correspond with a mass lobby of Parliament regarding GM foods.

Anne-Marie Culhane was director/choreographer for the performance/action which was made in collaboration with Friends of the Earth, Annie Ball, Miriam Keye and Caitlin De Silvy.

Costumes for the four performers were inspired by teachings from corn dolly veteran Dorothy Horsfall and stories of harvest and corn dolly rituals.

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