The Big Purple – Snibston Discovery Museum and Country Park


The Big Purple will be a fully working wind turbine public work of art – Snibston Country Park – Paul Conneally 2009

The Big Purple

Builds on Snibston’s long history of providing energy
Transforms the visual landscape
Celebrates the past workers of
Transforms energy makes money
Is illuminated at specific times
Is a powerful educational resource

The Big Purple is a piece from Spoil Heap Harvest by Paul Conneally for Snibston TRANSFORM 2009/10
Snibston Country Park

More on wind turbines art and poetry – Alec Finlay
Artist poet Alec Finlay has worked extensively to explore through art poetry and thought, wind turbines and their place within culture, history, science, the environment and as objects akin to standing stones within the landscape.

Any artist, poet, actually anyone, considering wind turbines, alternative energy production, landscape and the environment should look at Alec’s work which engages at a much deeper level than, on the surface, The Big Purple, a site specific piece, could ever do.

Here’s a video of Alec talking about elements of his work around wind turbines – wind flowers too:

Alec Finlay’s blog: ALEC FINLAY

Paul Conneally
Coalville 2013

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