THIS PRESENT MOMENT – mountain sonnet No.1 from The James Connection

on this gray day the next moment a repeat of the last one hundred – gary blankenship

The present is the touchstone of the haiku experience, so always be aware of this present moment – James W Hackett

this present moment

my scrapbook of memories presently without a haiku
on this gray day the next moment a repeat of the last one hundred
looking for my watch trusting its having been here somewhere once before
meditation period that last grain slides through the sandglass
past as present present as present future as present
shadows of the past hints of the future tint the present
forgetting the past i wander in mindless ecstasy
jwh arrives in kamakura with a mean rice curry crave*
just now the hiss of sugar dissolving in hot tea
deep in thought exploring a mouth ulcer with my tongue
still part of the problem old definitions and new
making up an identity nicely packaged
under the sagging christmas tree a slip of broken ribbon
dear diary a brand new war started today

1ct 2gb 3gg 4a 5sa 6ns 7cs 8dwb 9jt 10pc 11mm 12 fp 13sa 14a
*Sept. 10, 2002, World Haiku Festival

a series of mountain sonnets linked to the essay SUGGESTIONS FOR WRITING HAIKU IN ENGLISH by James W. Hackett

cindy tebo – marlene mountain -stephen addiss – an’ya – gary gach – dw bender – jennie townsend – nancy smith
paul conneally – carmen sterba – francine porad – gary blankenship

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