easy mother expletives

outrageous crime victims do plastic

over the gym-shy marriage

before you put uniform in a bottle

pupils win hollywood sick boy

quite advanced elephant dung and seaside u-turn

right time to sunday music system

executive pension plan options easy as print

you go in bank friday

liar at college is just heroine

unworkable ex-prisoners play comfort

rest help us plant wednesday show

grrrl power – thrown out spare time

remarkably easy mother expletives deleted

grass becomes the woodstock

come magnum write off fans to be

film under attack before gm foods

the best knew some were check-a-go-go

A ‘SHREADLINES’ piece by Paul Conneally, Loughborough Market Place 2000

passers-by are asked to pick five pieces of cut-up newpaper text out of a bag at random
then to make a headline or shreadline using three or more of the pieces
then to stick it to a piece of found cardboard
the finished piece is both a literary work and a visual art piece
it should be read out loud with a strong rhythm and a good pace
preferably in a public space like a busy market place or town square
go and do it now
or go and make one in your town centre


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