Divided by Race – The Untold Story

BLUE CANARY FILMS in association with THE LATEST Presents

“DIVIDED By RACE – The Untold Story”

This is a film about race relations in Britain during and after the Second World War.

At its core are the testimonies of surviving veterans, particularly those West Indian and African young men and women who volunteered to join the war effort, and soon after returned to live in Britain.

They risked their lives to serve under the flag in times of war, then faced a second battle — their right to remain under that flag, as British citizens.

Until now their stories have not been properly heard.

Nor has the contribution they made been fully recognised, both in helping win the war but also changing the face of British culture.

This film seeks to both redress that balance, and explore the sometimes painful evolution of a multi-cultural society from a unique perspective.

Marc Wadsworth

Deborah Hobson

Jimmy Haisman [CHIBA VISUALS]

Steve Haisman

Session 600

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