On Mermaids and Flâneurs

Psychogeographers are keen on the ‘drift’, a walking without purpose, directionless.

Now the Little Mermaid, she drifted on the waves, letting them carry her and precious sailer “wither they pleased”.

The psychogeographer, the splacist, the flâneur, they too need something to drift on, to carry them on their way. Some idea, some aimless plan, not perhaps as random as the waves, the tide, though these too are not totally without form and a certain predictability.

A piece of data, a map to somewhere you’re not, the toss of a coin, dice. Maybe we decide to follow the first person we see in a hat for so many minutes or so, a dog, a cat, the general direction of geese seen through a gap in the buildings.

Make your choice, take a chance and get walking.

Paul Conneally
September 2013

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