Fruit Twoot

Fruit Twoot – Twoot is a splacist term for any type of non-digital tweet – a material tweet – a tweet with physical presence.

This Fruit Twoot is fluttering on a fruit tree branch in the Transcendental Orchard at Loughborough University.

A splacist exploration, ‘Quotes to Nature’, of the orchard was undertaken by cultural forager Paul Conneally with a group of people as part of Anne-Marie Culhane‘s wider an ongoing work across the university campus, Fruit Routes.

Each participant chose a Fruit Twoot from a set prepared by Conneally beforehand. Each slip of paper had a quote from Ralph Waldo Emmerson’s essay ‘NATURE’ on it.

Participants then found a place in the orchard to centre themselves, to read the quote and then write response, a Fruit Twoot back to nature.

Each fruit twoot was then hung on a fruit tree branch.

The group then joined together and visited each tree where the writer read out first Emmerson’s quote and then their own fruit two out response.

The fruit twoots were left to flutter in the breeze, to be discovered and read by other visitors to the Transcendental Orchard.

Fruit Routes Flyer – Anne-Marie Culhane

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