The Residents´ video production Earth vs. The Flying Saucers, which was adapted from the 1956 movie of the same title.

The vinyl release was manufactured for exclusive inclusion inside the first edition copies of The Cryptic Guide To The Residents, which were published in the summer of 1986.

No master tape previously existed for the soundtrack; The Residents composed music for the production, transferred this music onto video tape, and added sound effects one layer at a time until the project was completed.

The Residents - Earth vs The Flying Saucers

In 1986, an audio copy of the video master was made and then used as the sound master for this release. The label artwork for the single was designed by Pore-Know Graphics.

800 copies of EARTH VS. THE FLYING SAUCERS were pressed on transparent green vinyl and were packaged in plain white sleeves. They were attached to the back covers of the first edition copies of The Cryptic Guide To The Residents, and were not offered for sale as a seperate release (from the book “The Cryptic Guide To THE RESIDENTS”, 1986)

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