Lummox – a film about artist Millree Hughes

Lummox from millree hughes on Vimeo.

Millree Hughes – an British artist in new York.

It’s long time since Millree played in seminal post-punk band Wow Federation alongside Carl Fysh, Paul Conneally, Ian Warner, Brian Warner, Andy Sizer, Andy Love, Lisa Widdowson, James Rogers, Will Buchanon, Andy Mason and more… I loved him then and now too – here he is back in 1978: 

IDEAS – Wow Federation 1978

“one man has a triangle
one man has a square

they might not agree
but they’re both aware
of each other’s ideas
and that’s good”

Millree Hughes James Rogers Brian Warner William Buchanan Andy Sizer Paul Conneally

Recorded live 1978 Oxford UK 


Carl Fysh – Millree Hughes – Paul Conneally – Andy Sizer – James Rogers
Oranges and Lemons 1979

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