Art Jam – Paul Conneally 2011 for Transform Snibston


Art Jam – Paul Conneally 2011

Art Jam – Paul Conneally invites visitors to the opening of Transform Snibston to purchase one of his jars of Coal Dust Jelly. Shoppers can choose to either buy a jar as jam or as a work of art. All the jars are identical. If they choose to buy one as art it will cost them more money than if they choose to buy it as jam. Conneally does not mind what they choose to do.

The Transform Snibston exhibition ‘Revealing Snibston’ opens on May 14 in the Century Theatre, Snibston Discovery Museum, Coalville.

Established in 1992 following closure of the Colliery, Snibston Discovery Museum is the showcase for Leicestershire’s historic science, technology, design and fashion collections. Exploring the changing technological world in which we live, through exhibitions, events and our learning programmes, you can find out more about major technological changes which have affected our everyday lives.

Snibston is dedicated to preserving and promoting the heritage of Leicestershire

Also on exhibit is Conneally’s ‘Three Jars Of Coal Dust Jelly’ :


Three Jars Of Coal Dust Jelly – Paul Conneally 2011

The opening also sees the launch of Conneally’s Transform Snibston William Wordsworth Trail.

This piece was commissioned for Transform Snibston Exhibition at the Century Theatre Snibston Discovery Museum with support from the Arts Council.

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