Snibston Preserves – T-Shirt Print 2011


Snibston PreservesT-Shirt Print Edition of 3

Paul Conneally 2011

Snibston Transform

‘Snibston Preserves’ a limited edition T-Shirt print from Paul Conneally’s cultural forage ‘Spoil Heap Harvest’ for Snibston Transform.

The print was inspired by Conneally’s interaction with the Snibston spoil heap, now a country park. Foraging for food in hedgerows and woods is currently a fashionable thing to do. Conneally takes the idea on from foraging for food to foraging for and in local culture

As part of Spoil Heap Harvest, a cultural forage piece for Snibston Discovery Museum, Paul Conneally makes limited edition prints on commercial products.

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