Triangle Poems from Spoil Heap Harvest for Snibston Transform


Concrete Poems – triangle shapes and shapes made from combined triangles.

Extract from ‘Spoil Heap Harvest’ by Paul Conneally for Snibston Transform

The poems come from deconstructions of place names and Wordsworth poems written in or inspired by North West Leicestershire where he and his family lived for a time at Coleorton.

“Looking to put some of the texts emerging from Spoil Heap Harvest onto road signs, in particular solar / wind powered road signs that light up when something approaches, I was drawn to and inspired by artist poet and friend, Alec Finlay’s ‘Book of Grid Poems‘. Alec’s grid poems are square shaped poems (see Family  animated grid poems by Alec Finlay 2004) I wanted to make poems that might fit onto or echo triangular road signs and so am currently making triangle poems and on from these poems made from putting triangles together.

” The initial poems use a grid like Alec’s, although not visible, and in fact the poems numerical letter counts mean that they could be rearranged into square grid poems like Alec’s. Some of my more recent triangle poems  use a different type of grid building 1,2,3,4… rather than 1,3,5,7. Also right angled triangles and losange shaped poems are emerging.”

“I hope to place some of the poems on to real solar powered road signs similar to the one shown below – SLOW DOWN replaced, for instance, with WORDS WORTH”

Paul Conneally February 2011



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