‘A Circle of Fire’ – A Twelve Tone Junicho Renga Ramble Field Recording


Field recording of “A Circle of Fire” read on completion of the renga – the first ever renga ramble.

Renga Rambling – writing renga – a collaborative linked poem written by a group led by a master and host poet – whilst walking or drifting through a landscape – a process conceived by artists Anne-Marie Culhane and Paul Conneally 2007.

OFF THE SHELF / GROW SHEFFIELD RENGA RAMBLE A Circle of Fire A twelve tone Junicho Renga Ramble in the season of autumn From Weston Park Museum to and on Crookes Quarry Allotments, Sheffield, 13th October 2007. Below is the final text which differs slightly from the recording which was made in the raw directly on completion of the renga process in the allotment space.

this misty morning
a scattering of beech nuts
on the damp footpath

a circle of fire
choosing the middle way

comfort fusion cooking
Hing Wah’s fish and chips
ready to rumble!

skips piled high with stuff
just ripe for recycling

beer tainted
under a winter moon
fag stubs erect

slow golfing
over house clad hills

I’m like a rubber ball
I keep bouncing
back to you

loving hands tend myrtle
olive, soft purple plums

cherry coke
in a greenhouse
an amazing view

the 21st century

Shakespeare’s not here
but prunus is
I piss on the earth

dew licks my steps
fresh grown grass

Nine Poets:

Paul Conneally (master poet) Anne-Marie Culhane (host poet) Felicity Stout Nadine Wills Joseph Conneally Vanessa Senger Jenny Laird Andrea Allsopp Su Walker


A Circle of Fire comes out of the first ever Renga Ramble – Sheffield 2007.

One thought on “‘A Circle of Fire’ – A Twelve Tone Junicho Renga Ramble Field Recording

  1. Greetings from Japan, Paul, I enjoyed listening your voiceand your precious son’s!!! Wishing you the very best ina new year, the year of leaping rabbits>eiko

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