Spoil Heap Harvest "INDIFFERENT"


Paul Conneally:  “INDIFFERENT” from Spoil Heap Harvest

Digital Image and Print, November 2010

Three images from Indifferent arising out of a cultural forage by Paul Conneally across the spoil heap, now country park, of Snibston Colliery, Coalville, Leicestershire.

Indifferent sees images of squashed plant material and animal faeces rendered black and white acting as Rorschach tests – ink blot tests.

The work is mediated through the poetry of Francis Beaumont who along with William Wordsworth joined Conneally on his forage.

Spoil Heap Harvest is commissioned by Leicestershire Museums TRANSFORM, Snibston.

Conneally uses the presaged images in interventions with others:

What can they see in the images? What can you see? Can you draw it?

Send what you can see to Paul at Little.Onion@ntlworld.com

Or post a comment here using the form below.

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