Class War


Paul Conneally

Photograph of Paul Conneally

INVIGILATOR comes out of the Walk to Work series. The piece is ongoing evolving and collaborative. Nikki Pugh’s walk to work as an invigilator at VIVID art gallery in Birmingham is brought down to a series of Left Rights and Straights – distance doesn’t matter – and transposed to different start locations in other towns – when the new work destination is found then the invigilator does a general tidy up and then starts work – invigilating the space – watching over the space until the end of the shift

A psychogeographic exploration of place / space initiated through email submission of walk to work directions. Direct performance, video, blogging, poetry, media coverage all form the whole as Conneally channels William Wordsworth to engage with ‘this place’ now and ‘that place’ ‘those places’ of his own history real and imagined.

Invigilator is a collaborative piece by paul Conneally, Nikki Pugh and Kevin Ryan

Photo Doccumentation is by Kevin Ryan

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