The Quick Way – A Twelve-Verse Junicho Renga In The Season Of Summer 2007 – Barracks Lane Community Garden, Oxford

Extract from LYNX ?? A Journal for Linking Poets XXIII: 1 February, 2008

Anne-Marie Culhane (master poet), Paul Conneally (host poet), Catherine Naysmith, Oonagh Desire, Jo Salter, Dave Jones, Jenny Stanton, Anita Joice, Joseph Conneally, Colin May, Becky Didlick. Gaby Hock

A black bucket
filled with red currants
making jelly the quick way

there are many reasons
to celebrate

the magistrate offers
a road safety course
instead of a fine

rail track closed
due to snow

my phone is full
of your messages
which one shall I erase?

on the horns of a dilemma
finding it difficult to rest

bent double
a pair of students seek mushrooms
lit by sunset

we bring my geraniums indoors

in the east end
a line of bulldozers
moves through an allotment

this is my home
I lie flat beneath a vast sky

by the light of the moon
a frog sings
in a puddle

rain drenches
buds and blossoms.

A twelve-verse Junicho renga
??in the season of Summer, 16 June 2007

Barracks Lane Community Garden, Oxford

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