INVIGILATOR : MALVERN Splacist Trace Print – Nikki Pugh

Paul Conneally and Nikki Pugh’s INVIGILATOR:MALVERN saw the two artists stand back to back outside Malvern Train Station and set off on the codified left, rights and straight ons common to all the INVIGILATOR series. This time they were accompanied by Nathaniel Pitt (walking with Conneally) and Jean Baynham (walking with Pugh).

Conneally and Pugh each held a GPS device that logged their positions relative to each other as they explored Malvern using the Invigilator walk to work instructions.

Back in her technosplacist lab Pugh used the cross-referenced points in time and space to map out a trace of the artists walks relative to each other across Malvern.

The resulting trace is produced as a limited edition print and here as a pdf.

Conneally & Pugh continue to explore space place and time through splacist interventions.

In May 2010 Conneally and Pugh rejected psychogeography as an irrelevant term in the 21st century to describe artistic spatial, temporal and psychological urban suburban rural and all points between exploration proposing a new splacist revolution.

“spaces transform us and in turn are transformed a process of exchange” Paul Conneally 2007

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